Tips To Help Senior Citizens To Be Organized | Use This Book

Julie Morgenstern’s, Organizing from the Inside Out, is the best system to get organized. Sort, Purge, Assign A Home, Containerize and Equalize are the keys. This is a topic near and dear to me.  I really love being organized.  But you wouldn’t know it to look at my bedroom or my desk, which are the … Read more

Why Seniors Don’t Use Technology and It’s Not What You Think

Seniors aren’t stupid.  Just because they don’t use technology, doesn’t make them troglodytes.  It just takes most of us a little longer to feel comfortable with new things.  That’s just human nature.   Change is a challenge for all of us.  When you were a kid, if you had to move and start a new school, … Read more

Is It Safe For the Elderly To Live Alone?

Is it safe for the elderly to live alone?  The answer is yes!  But certain precautions must be taken.  Because as we age we can experience new problems.  Read further to become aware of how a senior citizen can safely live alone.   Introduction So, you’re a senior citizen.  And now you live alone.  So what?  … Read more

COVID-19 and Seniors

Seniors and COVID-19

I’m guessing you are here because of your concern for COVID-19 and seniors. Since the virus continues to infect and kill people, we all still have questions.  I hope to answer a few here. Introduction As my friend says, “These viruses are out to get us! They’re kind of smart!”  He’s done some research himself … Read more

What Is Vision Reducing Disease?

What Is Vision Reducing Disease?

What Is Vision Reducing Disease? What It Is What is vision reducing disease?  What Is it caused by?  Is there anything I can do about it? What resources are available to help with this condition? I hope to answer these questions and provide some helpful information to deal with this condition. Vision reducing disease is … Read more