Why Seniors Don’t Use Technology and It’s Not What You Think

Seniors aren’t stupid.  Just because they don’t use technology, doesn’t make them troglodytes.  It just takes most of us a little longer to feel comfortable with new things.  That’s just human nature.   Change is a challenge for all of us.  When you were a kid, if you had to move and start a new school, … Read more

Can Senior Citizens Use the Internet? Start Learning Here.

Can Senior Citizens Use the Internet? Yes! Many seniors are using the internet. But if you are a senior that isn’t, here are some terms and basics to get you started. How can a senior get connected?  Are you a senior who feels cut off from the world?  Do you miss your family and friends?  … Read more

Why Should Senior Citizens Perform Balance Exercises?

Ever wondered why should senior citizens perform balance exercises? Well you’ve come to the right place for your answer.   The main reasons why senior citizens should perform balance exercises are that they prevent falls, strengthen legs, give the body a regular workout, and strengthen bones.  There are even more side benefits like improving cognitive function, … Read more

Top Internet Services Providers – For Seniors

Wondering which Internet Service Provider to use?  What is the Top Internet Service Provider? The answers to these questions can be determined once you understand what an Internet Service Provider is.   Because if you are like me, you may not even know what an Internet Service Provider is.  Or what types there are.  Or why … Read more

Is the Jitterbug Smart2 User Friendly? Reviews: Yes and No.

Is the Jitterbug Smart2 User Friendly? Reviews say Yes and No. Although it has an easy to read screen and a button for emergencies, it isn’t as easy to set up as the company claims. In addition, some people have experienced loss of service. Read further before you make a purchase. Introduction In this article … Read more