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Best Internet Safety Software For Seniors | Antivirus

Best Internet Safety Software for Seniors

Want to feel safer on the internet?  Then you need to have something to “police” your computer.  In this article, I will provide you with information about the best internet safety software for seniors.  These products provide protection against much of the evil out in cyberspace. Why You Should Have Safety Measures in Place Bad … Read more

How Can Seniors Remember All Their Passwords?

How can seniors remember all their passwords? Part of remembering is to not have to remember.  Having some sort of tool available to refer to takes away the stress to remember and can assist anyone in navigating the web.  Read further to examine what tool might be right for you. Seniors want and need to … Read more

Senior Scam Alerts. Scam Alerts for Seniors – Part 3

Senior Scam Alerts   Scam Alerts for Seniors – Part 3 I don’t like that I have to write another article about scams.  But I feel it is my responsibility to tell seniors about scams that could affect them.  What is a scam and how to avoid them?  A scam is defined as a dishonest scheme, … Read more

Latest Tool to Check Scams Online

I have already posted two articles to alert senior citizens about online scams.  Now Google has come out with the latest tool to check scams online.  It seemed like a natural opportunity to feature this tool in this article. The tool is called ScamSpotter.  It has been developed by Google.  Here’s the link if you … Read more