Can Amazon’s Alexa Together Help Your Senior Loved One?

Can Amazon’s Alexa Together Help Your Senior Loved One? Yes, it can! This service provides connectivity for your family to stay in touch with your senior. What Is Amazon’s Alexa Together? Alexa Together is an Amazon product that uses their Alexa software.  It is called Alexa Together because it assists family members to remotely care … Read more

Is It Safe For the Elderly To Live Alone?

Is it safe for the elderly to live alone?  The answer is yes!  But certain precautions must be taken.  Because as we age we can experience new problems.  Read further to become aware of how a senior citizen can safely live alone.   Introduction So, you’re a senior citizen.  And now you live alone.  So what?  … Read more

Best Clamp on Grab Bar for Getting Out of the Tub

What is the best clamp on Grab Bar for getting out of the tub?  Of course it depends on your needs, but I really like the Drive Medical products.  They have a few options which makes them a brand worth investigating.  Read more to find out why you should check them out.   Introduction As we … Read more

How to Age at Home

More recently called aging in place, many seniors want to stay in their homes.   This concept grows from the senior population desiring to stay in their own homes for as long as possible.  They want to be independent, not having to rely on their children or a caregiver for help. Following are some tips … Read more

What is a Ring Doorbell? And Will it Keep a Senior Safe?

Are you a senior who needs a security system for your home?  Or does your senior loved one want to age in place, but you are concerned for their safety?  Is a Ring doorbell the answer?  What is a ring doorbell?  Let’s find out. What is a Ring Doorbell? The basic explanation is that Ring … Read more