Fun Activities Senior Adults

I usually write about serious topics to provide resources for seniors.  But I was looking for something more enjoyable and lighthearted.  So here is a list of fun activities for senior adults.

These past 12 months have been a particular challenge for seniors in any environment.  I’m talking about in care facilities or in their own home, or something in between.  Many seniors feel particularly isolated in the best of times, and the pandemic has made it worse.

I encourage you to keep in contact with your senior to keep them engaged.  But in the meantime, maybe a few of these suggestions may help them enjoy their day.

Fun Activities Senior Adult

Who Am I Talking About?

This article was written with the senior adult who is somewhat independent.  We seniors may be limited in some ways, but hopefully we can still have fun.  We usually have more free time now that we are retired, so finding activities that we enjoy can enrich our day.

Many of us are limited in our ability to move as well as we once did.  So, these following activities don’t require much movement.  

With that in mind, it is still crucial to get some exercise each day.  I have chronic pain, and it hurts to move, but my Physical Therapist told me I must do so.  If I don’t, in 10 years I won’t be able to move.  So find what you can do to get some exercise and do it!  

For some, our vision is impaired.  I always keep this in mind because my friend is legally blind.  Many of the following suggestions would not work for him.  Be advised that there are many resources for the blind and visually impaired.  A good place to start with would be the Braille Institute.  

He sees well enough to read on his iPhone if the colors are inverted.  Check out that option if you are visually impaired.  

Let’s Have Some Fun

The following categories are not your only options, but they are probably some of the most popular.   

Jigsaw Puzzles

I understand that many stores sold out of jigsaw puzzles in the early months of the pandemic.  Two people that I love very much enjoy doing puzzles, and had trouble finding new ones.  But apparently there are several sources for finding what you might want.

Fun Activities Senior Adults

Start with one that is not too many pieces.  I wouldn’t recommend 1000 pieces or more when you first start.  Unless you are very patient!  Also, consider the color and type of picture.  If there is one predominant color in much of the puzzle, it will be a challenge to put together.  Or if a pattern repeats, then you will be challenged to find which part it goes to.

However, you may enjoy those challenges!  Shop around.  Many puzzles look like works of art now, so you have lots of options.  Look for a scene that is pleasant to you, because you will be looking at it for awhile! 

I found a delightful article written by a puzzle lover with ideas about how to buy, where to buy and what to do with them when you finish them!  I highly recommend you read this before you buy.  (I don’t get any fees for recommending this; I just think it is a quality article.)  See Jigsaw Puzzles 101;…

Let’s not forget crossword puzzles, word search, and sudoku puzzles as well. There are books with just these puzzles that you can purchase.

Coloring Books

Did you know that there are now coloring books for adults?  For those of us that are not artistic, or don’t think we are, then coloring books might be just the ticket.  

Remember all those hours of fun you had with your 64 count Crayola box and a coloring book?  And hopefully a friend to color with you?  Well, you might want to try this out again.  And there are so many more options now in terms of coloring devices.  There are colored pencils, markers, gel pens and yes, crayons.  

Shop around for designs.  This will also be a personal preference choice.  

Here’s a more extensive article about coloring books, with some interesting ideas.  See Adult Coloring – How to Get Started.  This is a colorful and interesting site and will probably get you excited about all the possibilities.  

Fun Activities Senior Adults

I remember that coloring always calmed me and acted as a sort of therapy.  So you might not only find enjoyment but perhaps feel better in the process.


This may seem like an obvious recommendation, but bear with me.  How long has it been since you picked up a good book?  I admit I come to a love of reading more than likely because my Mom was a librarian.  So even though television was on the scene when I was a child (I’m almost 70 now), reading was the more popular activity.  

And I truly believe that reading is a much better form of entertainment than watching TV.  We called it the Idiot Tube back in the day; and it is true; watching it can turn you into an idiot.  Instead, check out options available to you.  My library is currently still closed, but I can still borrow books on a curbside basis.  Libraries are still a wonderful source of free media!  

My vision impaired friend has several digital options available to him.  I understand you must have a diagnosis from a doctor to qualify for some of them, but find out if you qualify for Libby, RB Digital and BARD. 

He also has a Ruby device that inverts colors and enlarges the print so he can actually read a document.  See my article What is Vision Reducing Disease where I list some resources.

Your local library has books on audio.  Check into this option.  

And I hope you all have favorites that you read again and again.  Share some of these with family and have them share with you.  You will grow closer, trust me.  Or maybe there is a book club you can join; even virtually.  Books really do enrich our lives.  


Let’s not leave out hobbies.  Perhaps it is time to pick up that project you started a few years ago?  Or take up a new one.  

Books are available for almost any hobby.  Or if you are computer savvy, then there are hundreds of videos available to teach any hobby.  I have tried cross stitch, knitting, and especially sewing. 

Fun Activities Senior Adult

Some of my senior friends have started genealogy, others garden, others find cooking is enjoyable. I like to eat, but I don’t really enjoy cooking, so personally I classify that as work. To each his own! Develop a new interest! 

Where to Buy?

I have a link to Walmart where you can purchase many of the above products. I do receive a small fee for recommending you to the site. This link will take you to puzzles, but you can search for other interests. I still receive a fee if you purchase from them.

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Now the following video is just to make you smile. I don’t recommend you do this!


Please comment on this article.  Perhaps you have some ideas to add to this, that will be helpful to others.  And if you have any questions, please ask them.  I will do my best to answer them.

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