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What is a Scam and How to Avoid Them? Scam Alerts for Seniors

What is a Scam and How to Avoid Them?

Scam Alerts For Seniors Introduction What is a Scam?  How can you avoid them?  In this article I will discuss some of the recent scams that are circulating in our society.  The scams are usually financial based, where the scammer (aka crook) is attempting to acquire (aka steal) your money.  This list is by no … Read more

What Problems Do Senior Citizens Face?

What Problems Do Senior Citizens Face?  There are many challenges in our world.  Being a senior citizen, it is a challenge to just get out of bed!  But what other problems do senior citizens face?   This site was created because my friend and I are frustrated that the world is not senior friendly anymore.  You … Read more

Are You a Senior That Wants To Build a Website?

A Great Resource for Seniors for Building a Website! Wealthy Affiliate is that Resource Have a passion that you’d like to share with other? Ever dreamed of having your own website?  Do you want to learn? Are you a senior that wants to build a website?   With Wealthy Affiliate (referred to as WA by those … Read more

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