The Best Program To Build a Website

Are you wondering about what it takes to build your own website?  Do you think it’s something beyond your capabilities? Or do you have a burning story within that needs a path to be displayed?  If so, I want to tell you about what I think is the best program to build a website.

Whatever your motivation, I hope to inform you about the best program (or platform as the techies say) to build a website.

My Story

I retired a few years ago.  I thought I had my finances in order, but made a few calculating mistakes and realized I was short in my income.  (I know, not smart.) I also have chronic pain (a factor in my retirement; maybe I would have worked longer if I wasn’t in so much pain) and that impacts my ability to do certain tasks.  

So I went to the internet to search out work options.  After much research I came upon information about Wealthy Affiliate (WA).  It appeared to be something that would fit into my criteria. I could work from home, I could work however many hours I wanted, and my pain could be managed by my self imposed demands.  

I believe that we seniors have an added challenge when it comes to computers, software, and the internet.  We normally aren’t adept at these things. But WA has helped me overcome all those concerns.

I knew next to nothing about online business, website building, and affiliate marketing.  Now, after a couple of years, I have built two sites. Still learning, still building, still working on them.  

Although there were many factors that convinced me that WA was the right choice for me, the deciding factor was that I could use my chronic pain in a positive way.  

WA tells you to blog (a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries called posts)(Wikipedia) about a topic that you are passionate about, like dogs or cats or makeup.  

Although I love all those topics, I don’t have enough information to blog about them.  But I did have an extensive experience with chronic pain, and I had done quite a bit of research.  Therefore, I thought I could use my experience to help others to manage their pain.  

Hence the creation of my first website.  If you want to see it or have chronic pain, here’s the link:

What are your passions?  Do you want to tell the world about them?  Then WA is the place to go.

What is WA?

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the many platforms (a standard for the hardware of a computer system, determining what kinds of software it can run) available that provide step by step instructions on creating a website.  

It is called Wealthy Affiliate because it is framed around affiliate programs.  Affiliate programs work this way:

  • You write about a product or program, or review a product on your blog
  • You include links to where to purchase these products you feature
  • You receive a small percentage of the purchase price from the provider if the person buys it

So although WA frames their training around this concept, you are not limited to being an affiliate promoter.  I know of many people in this program that sell products or build websites for other people. I’m sure there are other uses.  I don’t know what they all are yet!

I am not even halfway through the training, but I realize the possibilities are extensive as to how you can apply the wisdom you learn in WA.  

Which is the reason I am promoting them.  You won’t go wrong in using this platform.  

What Does WA Offer?

First of all, you can join for free to check things out and find out if WA is right for you.  This alone was a great deal to me. It gave me the opportunity to explore the program and get to know what I was signing up for.  

You have a week to check it out.  I recommend you use that week to your advantage.  The more time you spend the more you learn and therefore start building a website.  After that, you can join at a monthly fee or yearly fee (a better deal).

Once you join you are provided with:

  • An account and profile; which you can craft according to your own standards
  • A Dashboard where you can find everything you need; including blogs by other members
  • World class training modules with tasks to complete that build your website
  • Your websites 
  • Live event trainings
  • Keyword research tool, which is very important in ranking your website
  • Affiliate programs
  • Live chat instant coaching, or chat with other members and make friends
  • 24/7 Help Center; which I’ve used extensively (here’s where you get help for things you don’t understand)
  • A search bar to answer many of your questions or find members
  • A place where you can create a training
  • A chance to earn credits to use for WA products
  • The opportunity to promote WA and earn money
  • Chance to win a trip to Las Vegas
  • Notifications related to your profile and website
  • Mentoring

So you see, you buy a professional program that walks you through everything, step by step.  This program is used by hundreds of people. From all backgrounds of experience.  

You will have to pay for a domain name if and when you decide to jump in.  This is a nominal fee and available through the program. And just know this is in addition to the fee for joining WA.  Currently the cost to join is: $49.00 USD/month. If you keep going you will be given a special offer to join yearly at a reduced monthly rate.  

Before You Decide

Do your research before you sign up for this program.  There are others out there, but I don’t think they are as extensive as Wealthy Affiliate.  

I signed up because I thought I could make money.  I haven’t yet, but I know it takes time and effort, and I am willing to do the work.  In the meantime, I believe I am providing valuable information to people that are in pain, and to seniors like myself.  


Why I Am Still Excited

I love what I am doing by building my website.  Not just because I believe I am helping others, but because I am learning so much!  Just having the knowledge to know what these new terms mean like blog, post, and platform, and so many others gives me a lot of satisfaction.  

I have learned to use Google tools that help me do research.  It is so cool to have so much information at your fingertips. I am not an information junkie, but I do believe knowledge gives you power.  And this power can change your life. 

You don’t have to be a salesperson to earn money or build a website.  But you do need ideas. And ideas can lead you to new horizons!  

Want some success stories?  This link will take you to stories about some Wealthy Affiliate members.  Let’s you and I be there soon.  

So What?

If you are interested in starting your journey to using the best program to build a website then click here.  You will be taken to the Wealthy Affiliate website.

I earn a referral fee if you sign up.  I will personally help you all I can as we go on this journey together. 

If you have questions, concerns or comments, please leave them below.  I will personally respond to your input. Thanks for reading!

Here’s a video by one of the founders of the program.  It is the first training.  Come back to sign up and so I can be your mentor.  And once you have signed up, let me know so we can work together.



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