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What is a Keyword Search?

What is a Keyword Search?  What is a Keyword? Why Does it Matter?

In this article I will explain these words and these terms to the best of my abilities.  

And I will recommend the tool I use to perform these keyword searches.

What is a Keyword Search?


What is a Keyword?

If you have any interest in learning about building a website, then you need to know about keywords.  You are probably new to this world, and that is why you searched about keywords.  

The simplest definition is that a keyword is the word that is entered into an internet search.  Every time someone does a search on the web, they are using keywords.  The keyword can be a phrase also, and in that case it is called a keyword phrase.

These words or phrases tell the search engine what to look for.  The engine matches the words in the search to websites that contain those words or phrases.

My keyword phrase for this article was “What is a Keyword Search?”  You typed in those keywords and my article came up in the search.

What is a Keyword Search?

Today on the world wide web, there are millions of people looking, or searching for something.  The majority of the time the words they type in are about the topic.  Within this virtual world, there are programs that track the data of what the searches are about.  

You know how when you start to type in Google and the program starts to add words?  This information is based on the past searches of people around the world!  

What is a Keyword Search?

A keyword search looks for those particular words anywhere in the phrase.  Once the search engine finds results, they show them in pages that match the word or phrase. 

Why Does it Matter?

If you want someone to find your website, then you have to have keywords that match what people want to know.  The better the match, the more chances of people finding your site.  Which is why you want the best keyword you can find to lead people to your site.

The other variable to consider when looking for a good keyword is called “low hanging fruit”, which refers to a low competition keyword or phrase.  The less competition you have the better your chances of being found!

But how can you figure all this out?  A newbie like myself would have no clue where to begin to know about a keyword and whether or not it was quality.  If you are new to this world of website building then you need to know about this tool.  Enter the best tool on the market!

Why is all this important?  Because you are only going to get people to visit your site if you appear in the results in your search engine.  The most popular search engine is Google.  Surprisingly to me, it is followed by YouTube, Amazon, then Facebook.  

So if you want people coming to your website, or what is called traffic, you must appear in searches.  And the best way to have that happen is to have keyword(s) that rank at the top of searches.  

A brief explanation is needful here about what I mean by rank or ranking.  Rank refers to a website’s position on a page resulting from a search.  If my site appeared first on the page, then my rank position is number one! 

Best Tool; Even I Can Use It 

The best tool for this, and one that is easy to use, is Jaaxy.  This tool was developed by and for the creators and users of Wealthy Affiliate.

Before I started to build my websites, it was important to learn about keywords, keyword phrases and low hanging fruit.

It is the desire of any website developer to be on the first page in the top position of the search results of any keyword or phrase.

How can you find out what those keywords are?  By using a wonderful tool called Jaaxy.

What is Jaaxy?

This is the name given to the keyword research tool that was developed by Wealthy Affiliate.  This platform is for affiliate marketers like myself who want to make money by featuring products on our site.  

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate developed this wonderful tool for us to use in our research.  It is unique because it rates keywords in a few minutes because of the power of the program.  This would normally take hours if you were to do this manually.  

The tool shows 

  • The average number of searches for that word
  • How much traffic that would visit your site if you rank on the first page
  • Number of competing websites ranking for that word, or QSR (Quoted Search Results)
  • Keyword quality indicator
  • A search engine rank

And more!

I just wrote a review of Jaaxy.  Check out What is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

And Here’s the Best Thing!

Jaaxy is available to you to use for free!  Merely sign up for free to check out Wealthy Affiliate, for a week, and Jaaxy is available to you to use as well.  You can get familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy to see if it is what you need, for free!  As they say back in New York; such a deal!

Your Action Step

Should you decide to become a member, you can continue to use Jaaxy for free.  Or you can purchase a more powerful version of Jaaxy for $49.00 per month for the Pro version or $99.00 per month for the Enterprise version.  (As of right now, as I am still building my sites, I have found the free version to be enough.)   

You can sign up for free to join Wealthy Affiliate here.  If you decide to become a paying member, I receive a referral fee, and will help you as much as I can to succeed.  I’m still learning myself, but we can learn together!  Look how far I’ve come in just two years!  I know what a keyword is and how to use it!  

For more information about Wealthy Affiliate see my review here.

If you have further questions or comments about this post, please leave them below, and I will respond to you.  Your comments may help someone else, and hopefully lead us all to success.  Thank you.  





Ease of Use





  • Easy to Use
  • Free for Basic Version
  • Useful for Ranking on Search Engines


  • Slight Learning Curve
  • Have to Put in the Work
  • Takes Concentration

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