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What is Elli-Q? A Smart Robot for Seniors!

Image of the Elli-Q, copied from their website.

Have you heard of Elli-Q?  Probably not.  So, that’s why you are here reading this article, because you want to know, “What Is Elli-Q?”  It’s a Smart Robot for Seniors.


So first of all, what exactly is Elli-Q?  This is a smart robot that uses voice to interact with the user.  It was made specifically for the elderly person, who now more than ever is aging at home.  And usually alone.    

It has two basic interactive parts; a tablet that rests in a base and shows pictures, text, video and more, and an interactive robot like head on a swivel base that speaks and responds to the user.  

As the senior interacts with the “sidekick” (the company label) the device “learns” about the person, making future interactions much more personal.  It will learn what music they like, what medications they take, and when, if they need to get up and move, and challenge them to games to keep them mentally alert.  And so much more! (See image below)

What is Elli-Q?
Features of Elli-Q, copied from their website.


Created by Intuition Robotics, the goal was to address the problem of loneliness.  Because of medical science, we are living longer.  But we are often living alone.  And living alone can lead to loneliness.  

Let’s face it, we are social beings.  I believe we were created that way. We have an intrinsic need to be with other humans.  That’s why television is so popular.  It fills a social void.  But we can all admit it doesn’t do a very good job.  Which is why interactive devices are becoming more and more popular.

Some studies show that aging individuals only speak with a person once a week!  Therefore, loneliness can result.  In addition to loneliness, other physical and cognitive decline can result by not interacting socially.

And on top of all that we know about these topics, along comes COVID, forcing seniors to be even more isolated.  Enter Elli-Q.  Which was actually created before our lockdown, but which seems more relevant now than ever before!

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Who can use Elli-Q?  The primary market for this device is the senior population, which it was made for.  Since it was introduced to address the issue of loneliness among the elderly, it was created to be “humanlike” in its configuration.  With the headlike swiveling feature that talks, one feels like there is a person there.

Elli-Q is proactive in that it doesn’t wait for the human to initiate interaction.  It will take the initiative to speak with the person, which I feel is an important feature.  That way the senior can’t help but to be engaged.  

I wouldn’t limit the use of this device to just seniors however.  It seems to me that anyone can benefit from interacting with technology because it stimulates our brains and keeps us active.  Personally, I wouldn’t let it replace my love of reading a good book (and I mean the ones that are on the shelf), but it still seems like a great invention to keep one alert.

What’s in the Box?

The unit comes with a base, where the robot-like response unit sits, along with the tablet.  The tablet displays a screen that appears to be about 8” in height and about 5” in width, so a decent size if you are vision impaired.  The tablet also comes with two top mounted cameras to assist in viewing the user’s environment.  

ElliQ requires a $249.00 one enrollment fee, with free in-home installation and account set up. After that subscriptions you can get a year’s subscription for $49.month or pay monthly at $59. The company does partner with some insurance companies and some Office of Aging departments. You can submit a form to find out if you qualify. Click this link to go to their website and find out more.

What’s in the box, copied from Elli-Q website.

The user must have access to WiFi and electrical outlets.  The base that holds the tablet and powers it and the robot must be charging from that.  And the WiFi is needed to connect to the web and other communication services.  The tablet can be detached from the base to carry around the home.  

The individuals that interact with the senior via Elli-Q have an app for their phone that provides them with information about the senior, so in that respect it advises the loved one about the health and activity of the senior.  

The software has built in security and privacy programs to keep the individual’s information safe.  


There is so much to like about Elli-Q.  Here’s what I like:

  • Ease of set up
  • Voice responses from user activate
  • Robot is proactive so that the user is engaged throughout the day
  • Family and friends can be in close contact through the device
  • Learns the likes and dislikes and the activities of the user
  • Can be set up for visually impaired people


Can only be used by one person, not designed for multiusers.  

How to buy

Here’s the link to their site if you want more information.

Here’s a video presented by one of the creators from a few years ago, just when they were going to roll out Elli-Q.  I think it is delightful.

In the meantime, here’s an article I wrote about another product made specifically for the senior population, namely GrandPad. It isn’t as interactive as the Elli-Q, but still a great tool for the less computer savvy among us.


What do you think? Do you have questions? I would be more than happy to answer them if I am able to. I would especially welcome any responses that would advise me how to purchase this product, so I can include it in the is review. Leave your comments below. Thank you.

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