How To Reduce Healthcare Costs for Seniors

If you are like me, you want to save money wherever you can.  Especially as a senior on a fixed income.  And you are concerned about the cost of healthcare.  I have spent some time researching ways to hopefully save some money on those costs.  Read further to see how to reduce healthcare costs for … Read more

Senior Transportation Services

One of the biggest challenges for older adults is finding senior transportation services.  For various reasons, those of us in the senior population find ourselves more in need of this.  If we have family close by, then we can usually count on them to help us.  But not everyone is that fortunate. As I age, … Read more

Best Care Nursing Home

Are you looking for the best care nursing home? I thought this was an important topic, so I did some research. Here’s what I found. The Best Care Nursing Home First I think that the best case scenario for aging well is to age in place; i.e., in your own home. But if that isn’t … Read more

Top Internet Services Providers – For Seniors

Wondering which Internet Service Provider to use?  What is the Top Internet Service Provider? The answers to these questions can be determined once you understand what an Internet Service Provider is.   Because if you are like me, you may not even know what an Internet Service Provider is.  Or what types there are.  Or why … Read more

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